Canned Fit – Cucharas De Arena


this album is dedicated to the formation, dissolution and fugacity of shape and structure, distance and closeness, system and chaos.

it dares a tightrope walk between experimental music, soundscape composition and electronic songwriting which are interluded and intersectioned following the idea of the album.
Canned Fits Live program is hard to categorize:
Somehow catchy experimental music ? A very rough and bulky kind of Pop ? Or is it even a challenging one women show for the avant-garde wedding where one dances IDM ?
Canned Fit, (aka Christine Schörkhuber) is influenced by the singer / songwriting, electronic dance music , garage punk, New music, experimental electronic and muzak - but above all around from the constant sound of the world and its people .
Circuit -bending, motorized cans, sounding stovepipes, metal, glass, pottery shards and mechanical and electronic constructions are as well part of sound aesthetics as drones, feedback, intricate beats and her special voice. Most of electronic interfaces are built by herself.

Mastering: Martin Siewert
Graphics: Klemens Wihlidal

all music by Canned Fit/Christine Schörkhuber
recorded @ studio Sechshauserstrasse, Mz Baltazars Laboratory, Vienna. as well as in the streets and sites of Teheran, Bukarest, Black Sea, Craiova, Buenos Aires, Valparaíso, Vienna, Haag, Istanbul.

Thanks to:
Reinhard Reisenzahn & Raimund Staudinger for mixing support & feedback
Verena Dürr for photography and conversations
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Veronika Mayer, Ulla Rauter for de- and advices in music, technics and life.
Beste Erener for pictures
Waltraud & Felix Schörkhuber for capacious support.
Florian Fennes for wires, encouragement & one sax sample

and all above mentioned for inspirational company in live and music.

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