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There is no need to register if you want to buy from chmafu nocords. On checkout we ask for your name and address so we know where to ship your items. Absolutely no data will be given to third parties.

Free shipping!
No matter what or how much you buy there never will be any additional costs. What you see in the shopping cart is the total amount you will pay once you check out.

Payment methods:
> Paypal (worldwide)
> Manual Payment – Bank Transfer/Überweisung (EU)
If you use paypal your order will be shipped the same or next day. For further information on this service please check the paypal website.

CD Formats:
The Category “CD” means that they were professionally manufactured, pressed or burned. The Category “CD-R” means that they were burned and printed (on high quality CD-Rs – we use Taiyo Yuuden) at home. They all come in nice packaging (metal boxes, digifiles or digisleeves, jewel cases,…) so none of them look or feel like cheap self-made CD-Rs. You probably won’t even recognize the difference…

Lifetime warranty:
Should your CD ever become unplayable, please contact us for a replacement (if the CD was discontinued and isn’t available anymore you will at least get high quality mp3s).


For further questions please contact chmafu nocords..


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