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Daniela Fischer, Franz Fjödor, Stroblak, Reni Hofmüller, Sascha Neudeck, Luca Pagani, kauders, Kristi Allik, Bryce Beverlin II, Irina Karamarković, urkuma, Mädchenmord, Boban Ristevski, Andrea Gabriele, Opcion

The original invitation for this project (2008):
"Choose an acoustic instrument (preferably a traditional one of your region or one that is used in your area's traditional music) that you have not learned to play. The more alien it is to you the better. You are not allowed to play any instrument you feel comfortable with.
Make a piece for it that does not use any electronics. It must be exclusively acoustic (it must be possible to play it in a place where there is no electricity).
You can use a computer to record the piece and even for multitrack recording (the piece could still be performed without electricity if there were enough musicians).
Just remember the two main guidelines: "Make it as hard for yourself as possible and try all the things you usually avoid" and "the piece must be performable without electricity".

If you like the idea you can still participate!
Send (preferably a link to) your mp3 file (320kbps) to


  • Daniela Fischer - komposition für kaputtes piccolocello mit nur 2 darmsaiten und volleyballtraining in madrid
  • Franz Fjödor – Waanideeën
  • stroblak – pluto_war_ein_zwergplanet
  • reni hofmüller – von_a-nach_B
  • sascha neudeck – 4violinen
  • luca pagani - come tu me NUOVA_mixdown
  • kauders - dei ane detschn
  • Kristi Allik – Blow
  • bryce beverlin II - wealth slag
  • irina karamarković - Etüde für Wood Blocks und Instrumente deren Namen mir völlig unbekannt sind
  • urkuma - burning piano1-3
  • mädchenmord – tHREEfORTYfOUR
  • boban ristevski - dancing on another ground
  • andrea gabriele - chf

Track order by kauders

Bonus Tracks:

  • Opcion - Stueck fuer baertiges Rempetiko Trio

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