Sep 152013



Maryclare Brzytwa
“Madrigal” from the album MCB
Music composed by MaryClare Brzytwa
MaryClare Brzytwa on Rhodes, Flute and Electronics
Kanoko Nishi on Piano
Shayna Dunkelman on Percussion
Tim Exile on Electronics
Fred Frith on Electric Guitar
Mixed by The Norman Conquest

One Man Nation
This track is taken from a live improvised intervention I did with the transgender cabaret in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in Feb 2013 as part of the work-in-progress film/documentary currently titled “Tara”, a project which centres around transgender issues worldwide and documents my travels to various places to try to meet other transgender people/communities to create random ephemeral performances together.

Patrizia Oliva


elise // noid
Cello / Transducer: noid
Live generated physical models of membranes: elise
recorded@ESC, Graz  2013



all music & recording by Maria Jiku
2013 May in Berlin.

Manuel Knapp
recorded at victorian-studios, tokyo 2013

Rinus van Alebeek
Recorded in front of the woodfire on 10. February 2013 during my residency at the Warnecke Ranch in Healdsburg, California.
Special mention to Alice Warnecke, Margo Merck and Fred Warnecke for welcoming me.


Juun / Katharina Klement / Manon Liu Winter – horizontal string instruments
recorded at interprenatation 2009
mastered by Katharina Klement + Alfred Reiter

Katharina Klement
Ausschnitt aus einer Klanginstallation für 5 Lautsprecher auf 5 Booten
entstanden anlässlich der „Brückenmusik 17“, Juli 2011 am Rhein, Köln
Ein Kommen und Gehen von Texturen/Intensitäten, die an unterschiedlichen Orten und in unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten auftauchen und vorüberziehen.

Low Frequency Orchestra

all music by GO TSUSHIMA
recording & mixing by MARIA JIKU
2013 march in Berlin, Germany

Gino Robair: voltage made audible/energized surfaces
Juun: horizontal string instruments
Recorded 2012 at Interpenetration
Polished (2013) by gino robair

Pivot Quartet
Bettina Wenzel: vocals
Martin Zrost: reeds
Seppo Gruendler: guitar, electronics
Josef Klammer: drums, electronics
There are simpler tasks in life than for a loose acoustic improvisation group with an essentially conventional line-up to find their own unique sound. The German-Austrian Pivot Quartet has taken shape after just three years, despite a dynamic spectrum that permits enthralling interaction at many different levels.
Even if the collective spirit of improvisation pervades these musical intentions with great freshness, the magnificent vocal acrobat Bettina Wenzel nevertheless puts her impress on the inspired quartet, somewhere between restraint and exploration.
And if you want to hear it that way, some passages are even groovy. Paradoxical? Unorthodox!

Reni Hofmüller